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10 Proven Steps To Fix A Dead Bedroom & Get Your Sex Life Back


AAfter 18 months of dating, it was clear that we were in a Dead Bedroom.

This was a surprise, to be honest. How did this happen?

Our relationship was way too new…

We loved each other way too much…

Yet, the evidence was indisputable. These were all the telltale signs that our once-passionate sexual life had ended.

Reece tried to instigate, but was rejected and shut down. Jodie feels pressured and guilty about not being in the right mood. For the first time in their relationship, Jodie felt guilty for not being in the mood.

We wondered, like most sexless partners, if something was wrong with us or our relationship.

  • We thought that maybe we weren’t meant to be together (we were).
  • Jodie wondered if she had an underlying hormonal problem (she didn’t).
  • Reece feared that Jodie just wasn’t attracted to him anymore (she was).

We spent months going around in circles, having ‘the talk’ over and over again… but nothing…

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