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10 Powerful, but simple prayers to pray for your marriage


Are you neglecting to pray for your spouse? For your spouse? Your spouse? Sometimes it can be difficult to know what prayers should be said. Communication between spouse and you is a key factor in determining what to pray for. But there’s more to marital prayers than just praying for our spouse. It’s also praying for the marriage itself. It is constantly attacking the very essence of marriage from different directions. We don’t need to spell out the statistics, but it shouldn’t be surprising that over half of marriages end in

divorce. It doesn’t matter if finances, infidelity or differences play a role, a marriage that is separated from its spouse is not secure. Consider the various areas your marriage can take a hit, and keep in mind that just because it may not have been attacked in that region recently doesn’t mean one isn’t coming. Marriage is meant to be a picture—a…

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