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What your husband dislikes about church

What your husband dislikes about church

I understand how you feel. There are certain things your husband hates about church and you aren’t sure what to do about it. I know how you feel because my husband really didn’t like church for a while, either. And I’m married to a pastor!

Hugh has resigned twice from his position as senior pastor in the last 25 years to recover from burnout. He also re-evaluated his passion for ministry. In that time he examined not only why he does what pastors do. But he also saw and experienced things from the perspective of your man, having spent time on the opposite side of the podium.

In addition to being a “guy in the congregation,” Hugh has also led several in-depth small groups for men in which they got real about what really bugged them about church. I asked Hugh to lend some insight into “10 Things Your Husband Hates about Church.” Coupled with my 30 years of experience discipling women who have told me what their husbands think about church, too, we came up with this list of “the terrible 10” – at least through the eyes of a man.

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