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10 Ways to Defend Your Marriage Without Realizing It


She was very hot looking and knew it. Blonde. Curvaceous. Suede stilettos in a short leather skirt. You have stunning green eyes and a great smile. She wanted everyone’s attention in the room and boy, she got it (including mine).She floated through the crowd, giggling with one group and then another. Finally, she sauntered over toward a group of men—one of whom was my husband. Before she walked away, she patted his arm with her graceful, manicured hand—maybe a little too much.Really?She probably meant nothing by it, but after the party my husband and I talked about the situation, laughed a little and moved on. Although this happened years ago, I’m

glad we chose to talk about it and reassure each other, rather than pretend like it didn’t happen. Recognizing and talking about things (or people) that might sabotage our marriage helps us protect it.I wish we’d done that even more.After 31 years of marriage, I’ve learned a lot of things not to do, both by observing others and by making a lot of mistakes, myself. And I’m still learning. Each anniversary brings me more appreciation for our wonderful, quirky, and sometimes imperfect relationship. I want…

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