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12 Great Things to Do with Your Kids in Savannah


Do you want to see things for kids in Savannah? 

Savannah, Georgia is a gorgeous city, and as much of a romantic destination as it is for many, it’s also a blast to visit with the fam! For three years I lived just down the road from Savannah, and loved visiting whenever we could. The coast of Georgia is stunningly beautiful. There are so many things to do in Savannah GA, and surrounding areas.

Savannah is full of amazing things that you can do with your kids. Here are some of my favorite!

Savannah has Fun Things for Kids

Savannah Children’s Museum

At the top of every Savannah things to do with kids list, is the Savannah Children’s Museum!

This was our favorite thing to do in Savannah, Georgia when we lived there. Not only is the Savannah Children’s Museum a great learning experience for the kiddos, but most of it is outside in the fresh air, making it the perfect place to visit in Savannah with kids during cold & flu season. A maze is available for children to explore. There are also dress-up areas, music exhibits, and an area where they can play.

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