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12+ Long Distance Date Ideas to Keep You Close Over the Miles


Although there are many great date ideas out there for couples, most are only for couples who live in the same area or house. What about long distance couples? In this post, we share some fabulous long distance date ideas to help you feel close even when you’re far apart.

This is a guest post by Karis of Don’t Dream, Just Travel.

My husband and I have been doing long distance for a few years, and that means we’ve gone through lots of long distance date ideas. It all began in Kenya when we started dating and has continued to 3 continents. I’m a musician and he runs his own business, so our work often takes us all over the world.

He had been dating for a while with long distance relationships. We are now in our first year together, although we are often apart. But, we are getting closer and closer towards the day when we will be together in the same country, town, and home.

We found it possible to have a happy, long-distance relationship. I would like to share some of our ideas about staying together, even though we are miles apart. Some of these…

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