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130 Inspirational and Beautiful Travel Quotes


Do you love reading inspirational travel quotes? I admit that I’m a huge fan. Although it can be easy to see tired quotes over and over again, there are some words that really touch your heart and inspire you. My favorite travel quotes are about adventure, traveling, and seeing the globe. I find them inspiring and motivating.
Some are overused. (If there’s one quote about travel I’ve heard too many times, it’s “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” Not my favorite). There are hundreds of inspirational quotes about adventure travel that are beautiful, well-written and thoughtful without being sentimental. I’ve tried to include a hefty dose of those kinds of quotes in this post. Want even more awesome quotes? You can find this list at Swedish Nomad!
Let me now present to you my top 10 travel quotes, which are my absolute favorites. Plus, for good measure, I’ll throw in….say….120 more for you to choose from! 
Oh, and spoiler alert: I’m a huge Jack Kerouac fan, so you’ll find a number of his quotes included. (If you…

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