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15 pieces of bad relationship advice you should not ignore


Bad relationship advice. It’s out there, and if you’ve been in the dating game for longer than a millisecond, chances are good that you’ve heard some doozies!

Some bad relationship advice is a result of outdated social norms and a throwback to times when gender roles were expected and strictly enforced, and some bad relationship advice is well-meaning in its origin, but also… still just not good! 

If you’re dating regularly, you’ve probably received some pretty questionable dating advice, but we think these are the top 15 pieces of bad relationship advice you should definitely ignore!

Bad Relationship Advice & Terrible Dating Tips

There’s a lot of bad relationship advice out there, don’t let it weigh you down.

Never be angry at your partner.

This is classic and cliche bad relationship advice 101, and it’s also one that just doesn’t make a ton of logical sense. Don’t go to bed angry? Because humans are known to be more rational, calm, and compassionate when they get less sleep.

Yeah, no. Sometimes the best thing a couple can do is to decide to table an issue or an argument until they’ve had a chance to cool off a…

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