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16 Romantic Valentine’s Getaway in the USA Ideas (2023)


A Valentine’s getaway is a perfect way to spend this love-focused holiday. After all, it’s February, and if you’re in the Northern hemisphere, chances are you’re anxious to get away from the snow and cold.  There is no better excuse to take a romantic trip for two. Grab your love and book a getaway!

We put together this list of the best places to spend Valentine’s Day in the US, with contributions from some of our fellow travel experts. Psst! These spots are often sunny and warm. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to book a Valentine’s trip or another romantic escape to one of these great destinations. 

PS: Also be sure to check out these sweet Valentine’s date ideas as well as our list of most romantic places in the United States—perfect for any time of year! And check out this resource if you’re looking for winter vacation rentals You can do it at any season!

Romantic Valentine’s Getaway Ideas

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Charles McCool contributed this piece

Ocean Springs, Mississippi, is a beautiful destination that should be on your list. It is a secret gem of the incredible Secret Coast of Coastal Mississippi One of the following:

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