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18+ The Best Board Games for Couples: Great for Date Night


Even for the most committed couple, evenings at home can get boring after a while. Sometimes you just want something new. To help you out, we’ve put together this list of the very best board games for couples.

What games are best for couples?

Studies show that “couples who game together, stay together.” So not only is game night date night a whole lot of fun, it’s good for your relationship, too. 

We have compiled a list that is perfect for couples. All of these are great games for two people, and you can pick the style of game you’re looking for to fit your mood. Some games will help couples get to know each other better and create a deeper emotional intimacy. Other games will boost sexual energy and help them learn more about their partner. Some are also great for having a fun night, whether you’re looking to play strategy or card games.

These are fun games for two players, but many of them can also accommodate more players, so when you’re feeling social, bring them over to share with friends! Couples game…

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