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24 Romantic Winter Getaways to Enjoy with Your Partner


Don’t you think the colder months are just oh-so-cozy? We do! Nathan & I find that the romantic falling snow (plus fewer crowds) create the most romantic winter getaways for couples. A dusting of snow makes even the most romantic locations in the world extra special. 

Perhaps it’s the need to draw closer to someone for warmth which makes winter the perfect season for cuddling and falling in love. And if you’ve just gotten married, a winter honeymoon is going to be super romantic (for inspiration, see these November honeymoon destinations which would be lovely throughout the winter months).

Some places offer wintry bliss, as well. You are looking for the perfect winter getaway with your significant other? We have compiled a list of the most romantic destinations in winter, perfect for love, adventure and joy. (And fairytales!)

Romantic Winter Escapes for Couples

Copenhagen, Denmark

We weren’t sure what to expect when we arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark one blustery December afternoon. We expected fairytale castles covered in snow and Christmas Markets full of good cheer.

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