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Five encouraging reminders for dads of newborns

Five encouraging reminders for dads of newborns

As a new father, you will be asked many questions. People will ask you many questions after your baby’s birth, such as how the mother is feeling and if you have any needs. How are you? When’s the last time someone asked you or any dad how they’re doing in their role as the family shepherd of their home?To be fair, most dads would rightly redirect attention back to their recovering wife and newborn. Good men are taught to give of themselves for the good of their families and quietly get the job done, and most men, if they’re anything like me, are good at downplaying their needs and struggles, and that

doesn’t change the moment we became fathers. It is not easy to be a first-time dad. No matter how confident or prepared we may be, every stage of our child’s life comes with unannounced challenges that force us to rely on God’s wisdom and strength when ours is spent. As much as anyone else, dads need encouragement and support. God, the Father, offers both in His Word. The support and encouragement from other fathers will help new dads to better equip themselves to raise their children up in the…

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