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50 Christmas Pick up Lines and Flirty SMS


It’s the season for all the Christmas pick-up lines and flirty text ideas you can think of! Gear up for some pretty punny (hehe) Christmas pick up line and text ideas that will be sure to Jingle their Bells for you and only you…

Some are traditional Christmas pick up puns while others are more spicy and some are simply sweet. Is there a limit to how much you can say about Christmas pick-up lines or flirty text messages?

It’s time to stock up on stuff and get moving!

Fun and Festive Christmas Pick-Up Lines

Flirty Christmas puns feel like mistletoe gushing from your lips.

1. Sleigh Bells Ring, are you listenin’? Oh wait, that’s just my heart pounding a little faster because I’m standing so close to you.

2. I’d have to be a Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins to not at least Try Get your number before I leave.

3. Are you looking for the best way to spread Christmas cheer and joy? It’s giving me your number.

4. If I had a bell, I’d ring it just to see if you suddenly sprouted wings.

5. Baby, it’s cold outside… want to go somewhere and snuggle?

6. I’m grateful that you have…

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