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6 Ways to not Fear the Holidays from the In-Laws


Because you each have the most important traditions, it can be difficult for two families to live together. It can be particularly difficult if your in-laws don’t recognize you or resent that you took their child or son away. These can make it difficult to navigate the holidays. It doesn’t have be that way. Even in the most difficult of in-law relationships, reconciliation is possible. It is difficult to combine two families. Your in-laws and you may have your own holiday traditions. If you’re going to

your in-law’s house, it won’t be easy to be recognized as a treasured family member, especially if they regard your spouse’s opinions as superior to yours. If you are dreading your in-laws this holiday season, here are six ways you can thrive (and not merely survive): Rejoice in the birth of Christ with this FREE 25 Days to a Joyful Christmas Prayer Guide!Photo Credit:…

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