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8 Tips for Better Listening in Relationships


Good listening skills are crucial for all relationships, whether it’s family, friend, professional, or romantic, and let’s be honest, it never hurts to collect a few more tips for listening in relationships! 

Active listening While giving feedback is an important part of listening to speakers, it’s not enough. Being a good listener and partner in marriage or other relationships requires more. There are many ways you can listen better to your partner, if only you’re open to trying these relationship listening tips.

Some tips for listening in relationships

All of us could use some help in listening to each other better.

Tune Out Distractions

This might seem like a “duh” listening tip, but it’s incredibly important and something that many of us struggle with. Some things you can do in advance to better set yourself up for mindful listening, like silencing your phone, turning off music/tv/devices that may be going in the background, or moving to a quieter place if you’re out in public.

If you’re one of those people that still have a hard time staying focused on a conversation even without…

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