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A Flat Tire Saved My Daughter’s Life


My life was forever changed by a flat tire. A flat tire saved my daughter’s life. 
My story started in a Walgreens restroom. I’m 17 years old, staring at a positive pregnancy test. I was a bright, confident high school girl who had a million goals for my future. I believed I could conquer the entire world. But then, my world collapsed before my eyes. I was frantic with my mind racing and my heart beating fast, so I decided to terminate the pregnancy. I didn’t want anyone to know what kind of girl I was and what I did to become pregnant. Instead, I chose to make it all “go away.” Little did I know that abortion would have the opposite effect.

Deciding to End Your Life

I was a girl who shamed people for having children. Now, I am a woman who calls for the termination of the child that is growing inside me. Yes, abortion made me physically sick, but I had no choice. The thought of aborting the child was too much. But, having someone find out I was pregnant –…

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