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The Laughing Between Us

The Laughing Between Us

You laughed a lot with your spouse when you were first married. You enjoyed playing with your spouse and taking pleasure in them. But it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Your marriage has lost its fun due to stress or responsibilities?

Laughter may help. A happy heart is good for you!

Enjoy Laughing With Your Partner

Roger and I are now stressed out after a tough year. We tried to deal with it by doing what was right: praying through problems and showing each other love every day. But when I asked Roger what he thought was missing, his reply took me aback: “We’ve forgotten how to laugh.” 

He was right. When we were dating or newly married, laughter was a natural part of our relationship. But in recent years we’d discovered this truth: We have to work harder at laughing together. If you’re like us and want to put the laughter back in your marriage, the following ideas may be a good place to start:

Learn to Cherish Your Spouse for a Deeper Relationship

What does it really mean to love your spouse ?…

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