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A Wave of Confessions Saves the Church


Finally, he got his chance. Mark took his prepared statement and sat down on the front bench, ready to take aim at the elders (all names changed).

Six months prior, they had refused support for his promotion as senior pastor. They had watched in silence as Mark was disparaged at a congregational gathering. Worst of all was that some of them had spoken about Mark behind his back and expressed doubts about his abilities to replace their retired pastor.

After months of tension building, the elders called in a team made up of conciliators. The conciliators visited the congregation twice in three days to teach peacemaking and facilitate personal discussions. They also encouraged Mark and the elders, to be a role model for the church and acknowledge their own contribution to the problem.

Mark gave some outward indications of repentance, but inwardly he could not let go of his belief that the elders’ repeated sins against him far outweighed his few mistakes.

With the second weekend meeting drawing to a close the elders decided to confess their sins to the…

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