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Add Thankfulness to your Anniversary Traditions

Add Thankfulness to your Anniversary Traditions

What are your traditions for celebrating an anniversary? Some people enjoy visiting their favorite restaurants to recreate a moment from their relationship. Others like to take a vacation together and get away from the routine of everyday life, especially when it involves a break for work or kids. But have you thought of adding a thankfulness tradition to your anniversary rituals?

Anniversaries Aren’t Always Rosy

Bob and Laura prepared for their anniversary celebration. They had booked a fancy hotel and were eager to get away and enjoy each other’s company. The one thing they hadn’t considered was the dress code.

The two headed to the hotel as soon Bob finished his shift. “We were wearing old shorts and ragged clothes, and our stuff was packed in Walmart bags,” Laura explains. When they entered the resort hotel, “Everybody was decked out,” she says. “It was embarrassing.” 

Bob couldn’t keep his eyes open as they tried to salvage their trip.

“Do you want to just skip this?” Laura asked him.

“No, it’s fine,” he said. “I’m enjoying it.”

Laura could tell that wasn’t the case. “We were about halfway through…

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