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Anniversaries as important as weddings

Anniversaries as important as weddings

Does it sometimes seem like your anniversary is just a regular day? Maybe you and your spouse celebrate, but you don’t put as much into it. Your 23rd anniversary isn’t some great milestone like a 25th, so why bother? Although celebrating your anniversary might seem insignificant, it’s important for your marriage to flourish.

Weddings are a serious matter, and no one can deny that we take them seriously

Erin and me have been married for about 14 hours and 31 days (give or takes). The year was 1992, and we were married on May 30 — missing America’s most popular marriage month, June, by just two days.

Although June continues to be the month-of-choice for brides, it’s the wedding budget that has changed the most. The average bride and groom, as well as their parents, spend an average of $26,720 for their wedding. I understand that extravagant ceremonies balloon that figure a bit and most couples pay out less than $10,000 — but that’s still a lot. So we reason that it’s an important day, right?

What About Anniversaries?

How important is the anniversary day to a husband if the wedding date is so important?

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