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Are You a Single Parent?

Are You a Single Parent?

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“He’s gone.” Those were the words that launched my life as a single parent.

As I drove our 15-passenger van down our long gravel road, I noticed that our house was oddly dark.

My daughter sat up and peered out of the window to check the driveway. “Where’s Dad’s car?”

On the bench seat in the back of the room, the children’s chatter suddenly ceased. Once inside the house, the children quickly discovered their father’s clothes were gone and his toothbrush was not in the bathroom cabinet. He had gone.

Pam Farrel’s mother became a single mom when Pam’s two younger siblings were teens. Pam’s father struggled with alcohol and with each passing year, his anger and depression grew, leading to increased episodes of domestic violence and physical abuse until Pam’s mom took the children to safety.

One in Four parents are single parents

Our stories aren’t unique. Most solo moms are the single parents of today’s homes. Some single mothers are widowed due to the death of their husbands.

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