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Becoming Quadriplegic: Alexa’s Story


Alexa was about to die, and she couldn’t do a thing about it.

Though they didn’t realize it at the time, her friends were watching her die. Alexa felt worse for her friends than she did for her; after all, it was her friends who thought she was acting silly. Alexa could be seen floating face down in the pool and could hear her friends telling her to get off.

But Alexa wasn’t messing around. She couldn’t knock it off if she tried because she had definitely tried. Still, she couldn’t move. She became suddenly quadriplegic.

Alexa and no one else knows the exact details of how it happened. She had done the same thing the previous afternoon and no one saw her dive into the deep side. All Alexa knows for sure is that her head struck something hard—the side of the pool, or perhaps the bottom—and she felt what she can only describe as an electrical pulse. The pulse radiates from the center of Alexa’s body to her fingers to her toes.

“At that point, I floated up to the top of the…

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