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New England’s Top Christmas Celebrations


I’m a big fan of the classic, traditional Christmas experience, and that’s why I adore Christmas in New England so very much.

Here the carols and postcards are brought to life. The snow is like a clockwork and there’s always a roaring fireplace.

If you’re ever after that classic winter scene, look no further. New England Christmas is what you are looking for.

I wanted to share my love for this region’s Christmas season, so I asked some of my friends and fellow New Englanders to contribute their favorite New England holiday destinations as well as their treasured traditions.

If you’re considering Christmasing up in this lovely part of the Northeast, these New England holiday traditions and destinations will give you a great start to your planning.

New England’s Top Christmas Places 

Where should you start? If you’re traveling to the region for the holidays, we’re sure you are searching for the The best places to visit in New England during Christmas. There are many! You will find some of the most beautiful New England Christmas towns in every state. 

We’re going to give you a…

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