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Beyond Date Night — An Annual Marriage Getaway

Beyond Date Night — An Annual Marriage Getaway

An annual marriage getaway? Do you mean that we both leave the city every year? We are too busy to commit!

Many couples find themselves lost in the mundane of daily life, and lose sight of the excitement and romance they experienced at the beginning of their marriage. A yearly adventure can reignite the spark. Can a holiday fix a broken wedding? No. It can help you reconnect and bring you closer.

Escape (Really, Getting away)

It’s been many years ago now, but I still remember the first time my husband, Greg, and I went away and left our firstborn daughter, Taylor, with friends. We weren’t just leaving her for the evening so we could enjoy a date night together; we were leaving her with them so we could get away for an overnight adventure as a married couple.

I loved being a new mom and honestly couldn’t imagine leaving my precious infant all night long. While preparing to go, I was surprised at how many questions and fears I would have about parenting.

What if Taylor slept with someone else in the morning?

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