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Build Your Child’s Confidence Through Chores

Build Your Child’s Confidence Through Chores

“Me do.” My toddler pushed away my hand and reached for the zipper on the front of her fuzzy, footed pajamas.

Does a parent insist that they help or does he let their immature fingers do it twice as fast as I can?

When I remember that I’m raising adults, I try to let my children do the best they can. The time I invest now to teach my child the skill will save me countless hours and give him essential skills. The biggest benefit of being able do things independently is the impact on a child. When we are confident, it is easier to do things. Confidence is built when we are able to trust ourselves to achieve what we have set out to.

When the babysitting child got sick, she confidently washed the bedding and made the bed for the little one. She’s the favorite babysitter because she practiced and learned skills at home which she will use for the rest of her adult life.

When children know that they are a part of their family, they feel safe. As a child develops skills for life, chores can help build confidence. ,…

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