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Coping with Christmas After the Loss of a Child


It can be difficult to cope with the holidays following the death of a child. Coping with Christmas, or any event for that matter, where being happy is expected–adds an extra layer of grief. So, how can you manage Christmas without your children? You can reduce the grief pain by setting realistic expectations.

First Christmas after Losing a Child

Our youngest son, who was only six years old, was killed in a car accident in June 2008. We lost our youngest son in a car accident on June 8, 2008. It was his first birthday. He would have turned 14 that year. His big sister’s wedding followed in August. The prairie winds brought us into autumn, and we were swept along by the holidays without much thought for our broken hearts.

To be honest, I don’t remember the first Christmas. Although I can recall how difficult it was to go into Christmas, the thought of Christmas without him seemed impossible.

A grieving parent can feel extremely pained by the anticipation of Christmas and all it brings. That’s why it’s important to determine how you will approach it, as a couple and as a family.

Treating Your Thoughts

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