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Depression in Christian Families

Depression in Christian Families

At first, we seemed to have the perfect life. Earle, a youth minister, was loved for his zany sense of humor but also so serious in his commitment to Christ. I was Earle’s “dream girl,” a former cheerleader. Together we worked together with the children in our youth group.

Earle became a senior minister shortly after our 1985 wedding. I jumped right into music ministry and all the hospitality-related tasks of a traditional pastor’s wife. God blessed us three beautiful daughters. Earle eventually quit the pastorate and began working for Focus on the Family. I taught piano from our home.

God blessed us in such tangible ways — perfect timing in the purchase of a home, an incredible deal on a grand piano, a teaching schedule that was always full.

But on the inside our hearts were still dying.

Depression in Christian Families

In the spring 1995, our youngest child was diagnosed with IGA. In this condition, her immune system was never fully formed. No cure exists. No improvement. She is at a greater risk for cancer, auto-immune diseases and other illnesses…

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