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Evanston Is Family Strong Family Fun Fest

Evanston Is Family Strong Family Fun Fest

Be Strong Families’ first ever Family Fun Fest: Evanston is Family Strong! The event, which took place on April 30th, 2023, at the Robert Crown Community Center, Evanston, IL, was a great success. More than 700 people attended. 33 community-based organisations participated in the resource faire (with a lot of swag!There were 19 sponsors and 5 local businesses who also made contributions. Over 30 volunteers were present, including members of the community, COFI, friends, and families.

After the Storybook Corner (sponsored by Bernie’s Book Bank and Evanston Community Bank and Trust), most of the books donated were given out to participating children and families. These included 160 Spanish and 340 English books as well as 400 sticker books, 60 play tents, 30 puzzles on the floor, and 340 English stickers.

Participants also received 100 boxes of crayons, donated by BSF board members Dana Vassos and Dana Vassos. The prize for submitting more than 100 Protective Factors bingo cards was a set of Living the Protective Factors Magnets. More than 300 Narcan vials have been given away.

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