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Forced Pregnancy & Abortion


What is forced pregnancies?

Forced pregnancy has been a common term. What does this mean? Some people equate the lack of access to abortion with forced pregnancy. Equality Now puts it this way:

  • “Forced pregnancy is defined as when a woman or girl becomes pregnant without having sought or desired it, and abortion is denied, hindered, delayed or made difficult.
    These pregnancies can be caused by insufficient sexual education, a lack or misinterpretation of contraception, and some are even unintended. Still, many of them, especially among young girls, are caused by sexual violence, often perpetrated by relatives or acquaintances.”

This is how the ACLU puts it.

  • “Laws that prevent people from making their own decisions about whether to continue a pregnancy or have an abortion amount to forced pregnancy.”

These definitions are arbitrary and vague. If a woman didn’t expect to get pregnant but is happy in the end to give birth—does that equal…

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