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Foster parent application

If I ask my friends the question, “Who do you say I am?” They will list my positive attributes. If I ask my Close If you ask your friends the same question they will respond with kind words to soften your feelings.

In a culture that tells us not to care about what others think, I also must acknowledge that Jesus asks in Mark 8:27, “Who do People You say that I am?

These are the questions that foster parents ask when they apply to become foster parents. 


My workplace is celebrating 50 years of existenceTh This year marks my anniversary. Olive Crest’s foster and adoption programs have been my job for half the time. I have reviewed over 1000 foster parent applications in all my roles.

In celebration of 50 years, I can look back on the many wonderful families that I have known along the way. We accept foster parents applicants. They place their lives on the altar. They give their lives to get the chance to…

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