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Foster to Adopt: The Things You Need To Know


Terri and my engagement conversation focused on adoption. We were married and moved from Virginia, California to start our careers. Terri became interested in adoption after many years of traveling and working. On New Year’s Night, 2000, when many of our friends hunkered down in preparation for the impending Y2K doom, Terri kissed me and said, “Let’s get some kids in the house this year.”

Foster Care to Adoption

Although we considered many options for adoption, we ultimately chose to adopt from foster care. We became foster parents within a few months. Our agency worker asked us to keep an eye out for cases more likely to lead towards adoption. After waiting for the first placement call, we were certified. A couple of months passed, and then, during a home visit, Glenn asked if we’d consider a placement that wouldn’t necessarily look likely to lead to adoption. Looking back, the question being asked was a much bigger one – and it wasn’t coming from Glenn. God was…

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