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Prayer for Family and Faith: Growing Together


For strong family relationships and faith integration, get together and have a family prayer meeting. Psalm 35:10 exclaims, “Oh Lord, who is like you?” (ESV). God ordered the Israelites to make booths during the Tabernacles celebration. Solomon sweated when he offered many sacrifices (2 Chronicles 1:26). They used their entire bodies for worship and prayer. Family prayer should involve all three parts of the body: mind, body, and spirit. You can find the G-R-O–W acrostic to guide you in praying together.

G stands for Gather and Pray

Start talking to God together.

Choose what interests your children most, such a ball. Toss the ball up and say, “We looked up to watch the ball. We start prayer with looking to God and praising Him.”

Talk about your sins and bounce the ball, and God will forgive you. We joyfully bounce back.

Let’s ask for forgiveness.

You should also apologize for any hurt you caused to a loved one. Let’s have a good time and talk about how God is always there for us, no matter where life takes us. God is present. Use the ball again and relate the motions to prayer.

You can…

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