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Statisticians about human trafficking that are shocking


Modern Day Slavery is also known as human trafficking. It continues to be a problem for men, women, and children all over the world. Human trafficking statistics are heartbreaking. Many people are deprived of their human dignity and freedom. The International Labor Organization estimates that 28 million people are involved in forced trafficking worldwide. 17.3 million of these are labor traffickers and 6.3 millions in sex trafficking. Women and children account for 4.9 million of these people. These estimates are based on trafficking reports. These estimates will always be lower that the actual numbers worldwide. While these human trafficking statistics are staggering, we can’t look away.

Human Trafficking, as defined by the UN, is the recruitment, transportation and transfer of human beings, for the purpose of profit. The three main types of human trafficking are sex, labor and organ. The United States currently has 25 areas that are trafficked under the…

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