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Transgenderism is a growing trend, especially among children who want to be the opposite gender. Most people are familiar with at least one transgender person.

Gender identity confusion or gender dysphoria is one of the most difficult parental challenges. Gender dysphoria is something I am familiar with. My oldest child has struggled with and sometimes fully embraces transgenderism.

Are you apprehensive, wondering? What have I done wrong? How could this have happened? How can I love my child? Why won’t God fix this?

I do. I have.

Gender confusion can cause a lot of parental guilt, pain, shame, and confusion.

We want to find out why.

We have to wonder who is to be blamed.

Why is my child struggling with transgenderism?

Gender identity confusion can be caused by a variety of factors, including psychological, spiritual, relational and social components.

There are many factors that go into the why of something happening. It is very unlikely that we can pinpoint one. Instead of getting bogged down in the why, we might ask a different question.

How? How can I help my child deal with gender…

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