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How to Adopt A Family for Christmas


Christmas is all about giving. There’s a tug on our heartstrings when the pastor asks us to buy a gift for a child that is less fortunate or adopt a family for Christmas. Perhaps the child in this family is in an out of-home placement and their world is different from last year. A foster family is someone who has donated their home, energy, time, money and heart to many of these children. What if that entire foster family could be “adopted” this Christmas season?

Why not adopt a family to celebrate Christmas?

Foster Families Are Available in Many Need

Over 208,000 foster homes are licensed in the United States. Each one represents a family that has given their heart to children who are looking for a safe place to call home, whether they need it temporarily or permanently. Many of these children are survivors of trauma. Yet, these families have said “Yes!” to the opportunity to love these children and give…

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