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How to Deal With Dementia In A Parent

How to Deal With Dementia In A Parent

When I first began to learn How to handle dementia in a childIt came along with one of the most hilarious conversations I’ve ever had with my mother. We were discussing Christian authors. I listed my favorite authors, including Henri Nouwen Phillip Keller and Max Lucado. When I said, “Max Lucado,” my mom looked at me, puzzled. I repeated the name. “Max Lucado.”

Another confused look

“I like Max Lucado,” I repeated a third time.

Finally, my mom looked at me exasperated and said, “I know! I like ‘Mashed Potatoes’ too!” 

Dementia – The beginning

My beautiful mother was diagnosed with dementia at the end of 2019, but both my Pop and myself had recognized symptoms for a minimum of a year prior. My mom asked the same question repeatedly, as is common with early signs of dementia. She was easily overwhelmed and confused, and had trouble remembering where she lived. Anxiety disrupted routines and rhythms. Mom stopped cooking, driving and leaving her house alone.

Learning how to deal effectively with a parent who has dementia was a difficult experience for me. It was also difficult for my Pop. In late 2019, my Pop came across a dementia care community.

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