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How to have a great Christmas with your young adults


Christmas is supposed to be a time for great connection, joy, and spiritual meaning around the birth of Jesus Christ. Your expectations may be different if your children are older and live away from you. This can lead to tension. Christmas with young adults It can be very different from the memories you have of your childhood. For the best holiday memories and experiences, it is worth having a conversation about expectations with your young adults.

Conversation Topics for Young Adults before Christmas

Conversations Before Christmas

Usually, it’s a good idea to get ahead of Christmas with your young adults by having a direct conversation with about planning Christmas together. If you’re in the same area, try to have a face-to-face conversation over a meal. You can also schedule a video chat, or call.

A reasonable schedule of events can help to avoid a lot of anxiety. Jesus said, “For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and…

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