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How to have difficult conversations


If you allow me, I would be happy to offer some words and vulnerability in the hopes that someone may find comfort during difficult conversations. For about ten years now, I often feel that as I visit familiar places, people speak to me with a heightened awareness that I am a “pro-life Christian.” I am not ashamed of this label whatsoever. However, Generation Z members are often neither pro-life nor Christian.


My unique worldview can sometimes cause anxiety in my peers. Other times, it can trigger anger. But, rarely, curiosity. People tend to tiptoe around certain conversations when they’re around me, which is a pattern I have observed repeatedly. At the barbershop, in social gatherings, at my favorite coffee shop, and around close friends, I feel that political or religious conversations, aka difficult conversations, are to be promptly cut off because a “pro-life Christian” is in the room.

Difficult conversations

This feeling has been shared with many of my…

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