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How to Manage Expectations in Marriage & Committed Relationships


Marriage is a partnership. Duh. But many of us come into this partnership with an entire script for a good marriage written out entirely in our own heads, and then we become frustrated when our partner doesn’t magically know their lines. 

It’s natural and necessary to have expectations in marriage, particularly ones that align with your value system, but if you can’t openly communicate your expectations as a newlywed or be flexible enough to accommodate your partner’s expectations, too, then issues will crop up sooner rather than later.

So let’s just nip all that in the bud, shall we? These are a few ways to manage your expectations in marriage, including how to effectively communicate what you want to your partner and how to check in with yourself to be sure you’re leaving room for your partner’s wants and needs, too.

To have a good partner, you’ve got to be a good partner. Whether you’re navigating the first year or the 30th year of marriage, there’s always room to grow!

Expectations in Marriage: What’s Normal?

For starters, every person comes into the world with their own unique experiences.

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