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How to trust God with your adult children

How to trust God with your adult children

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“I just don’t think people get married anymore.”

My friend smiled, but her eyes looked sad. She’d just told me that her 32-year-old daughter had moved in with a boyfriend. As I listened, I felt sympathy for her. We are both mothers of grown children, and we have both had to learn that our adult kids often make big life choices that are different than what we’ve done, or they’ve acted in ways that are not in their own best interest.

When things don’t turn out as we’ve hoped — either because of a poor choice a child makes or because some difficult circumstance arose — we find ourselves fearful about what the future might hold for our kids. Do you really believe that God has this situation under control?

Table of Contents

  • Love Is The Only Way
  • You can turn your child over to God
  • Turning them Over Means Embracing God’s Word for Your Kids
  • God will accomplish His purposes

As I watched my children navigate difficult dating relationships, job-hunting challenges, health problems and many more, I found myself in a tough emotional place. There…

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