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Boundaries will improve your marriage

Boundaries will improve your marriage

My daughter recently got married. As wedding plans began to move forward, there was much confusion over how to accommodate all the demands and work around the busy schedules of extended family members. Each one seemed to have strong opinions.

Perhaps you can relate? Are there family members that have strong opinions about you? Is your spouse always irritable around extended family members? Do you ever feel like a child when your extended family is around? You are not a responsible adult and have a family of your own, but you can still join.

The personalities of extended families are important when you get married. If you’re crazy in love, it is easy to believe that your marriage can withstand the pressures and interference of family members. Our spouse is marrying us, not their family. If there are no healthy boundaries, marriage is not for us. Instead, we wear rose-colored glasses to enter marriage and then find ourselves wearing dark sunglasses to conceal our disappointments.

How can we create healthy boundaries for our families?

Boundaries are crucial for the safety and health of your nuclear…

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