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Does the Constitution allow for abortion?


Abortion is a constitutional rights.

It is constitutionally protected to live in the womb. 

You’ve probably heard both. Somehow, the U.S. holds wildly different beliefs among its citizens: either a woman’s right trumps a baby or a baby’s rights trump a woman’s right. Both pro-lifers and pro-choicers agree that the Constitution should be the final authority. But since it doesn’t explicitly mention abortion, different interpretations of the Constitution are in all abortion rulings.

Roe v. Wade – the Supreme Court case that legalized abortion nationwide – was ruled on, reinforced (through Casey v. Planned Parenthood) and overruled (through Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health). They were all issued by the same Supreme Court and had the same purpose: to uphold the Constitution. Only difference was Who was seated On the Court. Because abortion is not mentioned in the Court’s decisions, some Court decisions are biased. Some abortion rulings required more reading between lines than they admitted. Let’s take a look at each one to see how they compare with the Constitution.

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