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Is “Gentle Parenting” Really All that Gentle?

Is “Gentle Parenting” Really All that Gentle?

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In parenting styles, the child’s obedience is held up as the standard for healthy and appropriate behavior. Which parenting style produces this outcome? Which parenting style will most parents of the future cite? gentle parenting The best option is to bet on the odds.

Table of Contents

  • What is Gentle Parenting?
  • Parents with gentle parenting styles and personalities
  • Gentle parenting and Authoritative Parenting
  • The Verdict
  • Final Thoughts

It doesn’t take long to find parenting stories recounting a young mother’s struggle to convince their kids to obey. Many parents will understand the pleas made to their children before school, such as getting them to wear a jacket and eat breakfast or get into the car wearing both shoes.

But the depths to which children’s obedience goes go far beyond such simple habits.

The theory of gentle parenthood promises to teach children obedience, and much more. As its popularity rises, gentle parenting’s philosophies of discipline, boundaries, and respect draw distinct lines in the sand for parents and children alike. But aspiring gentle parents struggle with two key questions: Who is in charge? When that authority is challenged, who will…

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