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Living With Quadriplegia: Alexa’s Story


Alexa was about to die, and she couldn’t do a thing about it. Though they didn’t realize it at the time, her friends were You can watch her die. Alexa was actually more upset for them than she was for herself. Her friends were the ones who believed she was being silly. Alexa could be seen floating face down in the pool and they could hear her telling them to get off. But Alexa wasn’t messing around. She couldn’t knock it off if she tried because she had definitely tried. Still, she couldn’t move. She suddenly experienced quadriplegia. Alexa is not sure how this happened. Because they all did the same thing that afternoon, no one was there to watch her plunge into the deep end. All Alexa knows for sure is that her head struck something hard—the side of the pool, or perhaps the bottom—and she felt what she could only describe as an electrical pulse. She claims that the pulse radiates outward from her center to her fingers, and to her toes.

“At that point, I floated to the top of the water in a type of dead man’s float.”


Alexa isn’t sure how long she floated, but it was long…

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