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Innovative Ideas for a Christ-Centered Easter

Innovative Ideas for a Christ-Centered Easter

Are you looking for a way to avoid giant bunnies and sugary treats this Easter? These are some great ideas that will help you give your kids a Christ-centered Easter.

Since medieval times egg celebrations have been associated with the resurrection. People used the symbolism that the egg represented new life to mark the occasion. Germans introduced the “Easter Hare” as a mythical creature that laid eggs and gave them to good children. For Christian parents, it’s better to use chicks and eggs to share about new life as the analogy reflects the emergence of Jesus from the empty tomb.

As a family, we set up a treasure hunt and gave each child the opportunity to accept the clues. This tradition is carried on by my younger daughter with her children. Each Easter activity is used to strengthen faith and celebrate the resurrection. We even connect God’s extravagant love to colorful baskets.

Baskets of Bread and God’s Love

Baskets are great for celebrating God’s abundant love. John 6:1-13 tells the story of Jesus feeding five thousand and his disciples gathering leftover bread. Jesus…

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