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Overpopulation and abortion


Our world will be destroyed by overpopulation. Abortion is our solution.

This argument is convincing. It is easy to see why we should be worried about food shortages, global warming, and overcrowding. What will we do when there’s simply too many people in the world? Could we have prevented it from happening? It seems that justification for abortion is possible So simple It seems like the only way to prevent such a future. But, despite something that looks like a “quick fix,” abortion and overpopulation are two complex issues that can’t be resolved by the other.

Historical Population Control

The notion that humankind would be better off if we all lost a small amount of our humanity has been wrong since the beginning. The dark history of population control is evident.

[Overpopulation] has moved through four distinct but closely related stages; Malthusianism, eugenics, the population bomb, and is now in the stage known as ‘reproductive…

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