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Perfect Love Can Take Out All Fear


Although the Bible speaks of perfect love which extinguishes fear, it’s difficult to not be afraid in this world. Recently, for example, there was a tragic event in our community. It was a senseless shooting. This was a terrible shooting. We felt a lot of anxiety as we dealt with the tragedy. We all felt fear as we tried to understand the circumstances of the shooting. We all wondered if our safety was at stake as we pointed fingers in every direction.

Some people are born to fight. Their resilience when faced with fear is something I admire. They don’t seem to be fazed by crippling fear. I admit I’m not like that. Fear causes me to stop, pause and even turn around. I care deeply about what God holds as truth in His word, but I’m not looking for a fight.

Just the opposite, I’m looking for friends, and I want to get along. When I support pro-life views, my fears must be overcome. Fearful emotions are something I must deal with. Fear of being rejected, ridiculed, or misunderstood, fear of standing alone, and fear of the unknown are all examples of fearful emotions.

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