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Personality Type: Peacemaker

Personality Type: Peacemaker

Peacemakers have a friendly, loyal, and steady personality. Peacemakers are patient, encouraging, and united.

Congratulations, you’re a Peacemaker!

Congratulations, you’re a Peacemaker! Peacemakers are loyal, friendly and stable personalities. You are a peacemaker. You tend to be happier than other personality types. Also, you’re a good team player and listener.

Encouragement, patience, and unification are all things that peacemakers value.


Strengths, Weaknesses and Motivators

  • Reliable
  • Compassionate
  • Willingness to work together for the benefit of a group
  • Procrastination tendencies
  • Handling conflict
  • Try too hard to please everyone
  • Quality time
  • Harmony
  • Relaxation


How can Peacemakers relate to…

  • Decisiveness and engagement are two ways to show leaders you appreciate them.
  • Be sure to express your thoughts and beliefs
  • Leaders tend to be more task-focused
  • Plan ahead to show that you care about the thinkers by being prepared
  • Don’t say yes to just make everyone happy
  • You should be aware of the fact that thinkers…

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