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Peter Mutabazi: From street kid to foster child


I didn’t have a name until I was two years old. During the period when I was born in Uganda, most babies born to poor families weren’t given names because they didn’t live past their second birthdays. My mother gave me Peter Habyarimana as my name when I was born. My mother believed I was a gift from God.

But my father didn’t see me that way. I can’t remember a kind word from him. All I heard was, “Peter, you will never amount to anything,” and “I wish you had never been born so I wouldn’t have to feed you.” It’s hard to hear those words every day and not lose hope or dreams for a better life.

Peter Mutabazi: Early Life

Growing up hungry, I used to walk three to four miles daily to get water. My mother also helped me grow crops to feed my family. All of this was done on an empty stomach, most days. When we did eat, it was usually potatoes and beans—day in and day out, month after month. There were only two holidays when there were many different foods…

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