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Preparing to April: Keep Families Strong Month


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. We all know that child abuse prevention should be a high priority, something we can all do. We also know that child abuse prevention is best done by parents. How do they do it? They strengthen their families and build protective factors. This is the heart of Parent Cafés. Be Strong Families has a new initiative for Child Abuse Prevention Month: The Family Strong Family Fun Fest.

We are proud to partner with the City Of Evanston, Illinois in order to host an event in honor and preserve Marjorie Fujara’s legacy. Marjorie Fujara was a child abuse pediatrician and violence prevention advocate. She was also a former Be Strong Families board member. “Evanston is Family Strong Family Fun Fest” . On April 30, from 12pm to 4:30pm, at the Robert Crown Center in Marjorie’s home town, we will be going all out to bring families together, assist them with meeting other families, connect them with resources in the community, and provide a great time for parents and their children. A battle of the teenage bands will take place.

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